Fun Movies for the Familia

Family Fun Night.

For me, those words bring images of Friday nights filled with board games, movies, and pizza. Of course, FFN does require some preparation.

The most difficult part of FFN, in my opinion, is the preparation. After all, not all movies are family friendly. Of course, a good recommendation can go a long way in this process.

What follows is a good list of movies. This list features both movies in Spanish or, if it is in English, movies featuring Latinx actors.


Are you a fan of superhero movies? Are you interested in watching a Spanish language superhero movie? If so, I think you will like this film. This movies takes the Superman trope and makes it funny.

Super Lopez is sent to Earth by his father and mother to prevent him falling in the hands of a villain. In this case, the super baby lands and is raised in Spain. Early on, Super Lopez wants to showcase his alien superhero skills. His father, a Spanish garage owner, explains to him that in Spain mediocrity is preferred. Super Lopez grows up to be a low level manager in a technology company.

Unfortunately, Super Lopez is chased to Earth by an alien supervillain who seeks to return him to the home planet for the purposes of turning him over to her father, the master villain. At age 30, he must achieve his super potential. Here, the story becomes extremely comical and endearing. I highly recommend this movie to all.


This is a 2014 movie whose storyline features a Mexican-American protagonist who endeavors to break into a career that is plagued with racism and sexism. Sushi chef. The movies ending is beautiful and poignant. It demonstrates the power of human drive to succeed.


This movie uses Pedro Infante as the central protagonist. For those who might not now, Pedro Infante is the cultural icon in Mexican history that defined for generations what it meant to be a man.

This movie poses the question, could a womanizing former cultural icon return to earth, fix problems for his biggest fan, and earn entry into heaven? In a fun, slightly sexist storyline, the protagonist learns how to become more sympathetic to the women of the world. If this story sounds familiar, it is. It is inspired by “Down to Earth” starring Chris Rock and “Heaven Can Wait” starring Warren Beatty.

Put Together Nicely

As a young person, I tried to pay attention to people whom I admired. I sought to emulate them. But, of all the things I noticed about people, I don’t recall paying attention to the way they dressed. Looking back on it, there are a few people from my youth that spring to mind when I think of fashionable or elegant. But it is only now as I contemplate this question that those images even come to mind.

When I finally had the means to invest money on my wardrobe it took time to decide what I liked. I had to realize some key things about clothes and personal presentation to help improve my style.

Eventually, I realized that I did not want to be fashionable or trendy person. Being fashionable or trendy requires a great deal of effort, attention, and money. None of which I wanted to emphasize in my daily attire. But, i do try to find ways to look put together nicely. Here are some of the lessons that I have incorporated into my life in order to look put together.

Color Me Happy

A key component to looking put together is to find ways to flatter your looks. One component of this is understanding your coloring. After all, not all colors look the same on everyone. What may work for a person with a fair complexion and blonde hair might not work for someone with black hair and an olive complexion. For that reason, understanding the colors that look best on you will help elevate your style. For more guidance on colors, check out this story from InStyle.

Tailored to a T

Tailoring your clothing to your figure is important. It makes you look like you spent more money on clothes. and ensure that everything looks nicer on you. Second to selecting the right colors and styles, tailoring your clothes to fit your body, makes you look more elegant.

You will want to find a good tailor or seamstress. Ask around to see who other people use. Once you do, that person can become a valuable ally in helping to identify the rights cuts and fabrics for you.

Confidence is Key

The third most important thing to looking put together nicely is to feel good about yourself. Internal confidence can elevate any outfit. The reality is that even the most beautiful clothing will not look good if your confidence does not shine through. To feel confident in whatever you wear, remember to listen to your internal cues.

Steam, punk

So, you have selected the right colors. You have taken your clothes to the tailor. Now, you have to properly care for your clothes. Wrinkled clothes do not hang properly on your body. They detract from your overall appearance. Clothes looks so much better on you when you take the time to iron or steam it. Doing that makes people focus on you, not the wrinkles in your clothes.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to look put together nicely?

Money Matters

Growing up, my parents did not discuss money with their children. They saw themselves as responsible for their five children, to be certain. They worked hard to ensure that they met their obligations to us, for sure. But, they did not have conversations with us about how money was earned, budgeted, or dispersed.

We understand why parents do this. Most parents want their children to be children. They want their children to grow up without the anxiety of knowing how the adult world operates. But, by doing this, parents fail their children. We miss out on providing their children with the most important education piece of their lives. The education about how money matters.

After all, not everyone will need to understand the complexity of the pythagorean theorem or how to play the violin. But, everyone needs to know how to manage their money and plan for their financial future. The lessons we teach our children about money will help improve their chances of success and happiness in the world. Here are a few lessons that are helpful for our children to learn…

The Importance of Money

In my opinion, the first and most crucial lesson our children need about money is its importance. We must educate our children that MONEY IS IMPORTANT because it is required in order to live in this world. But, we must also inform them that MONEY IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD.

There is a crucial balance in this lesson. We want children to learn that they must work hard to achieve their goals. But, we must also help them learn that simply earning money is not the goal itself. We need to teach them balance. We need them to learn that ambition can become greed.

What’s more, we must teach them that not everyone has had the same education about money as they have. We must teach them that others will value their money more than they value them. We must educate them to be generous but not someone else’s ATM.

The Importance of Budgeting

Children are insatiable. They want everything and they want it now. We must teach them to balance their immediate desires for things with the needs that they will need in the future.

There are several ways we can teach them about budgeting. Some parents provide children with some money that they must then budget. But, without teaching them the valuable lesson of earning money, they do not learn the importance of working for what they have.

Another difficulty of this lesson is that we do not really know what our future needs are. We assume that things will always be as they now are. But, there is just no guarantee of that. Children have that same difficulty. To them, the idea of growing up is not equated with the idea of growing old. They do not envision themselves as older and incapable of earning money. Truth be told, there are some adults who fail to grasp this concept. For that reason, many fail to plan for things like retirement or disability. But, giving a child some education on this will increase their likelihood of successful long-term planning.

The Importance of Charity

Finally, an important lesson that we are failing to teach our children is the need for charity in the world.

While I do think that it is crucial to teach children that others should not use them (I’m thinking gold-digging significant others), I nonetheless believe that for our planet to improve we must push for a spirit of charity in our children. One way that you can do this is by forcing your children to filter through their clothes and toys for the purpose of giving items away. An important component is to resist letting them sell items. As they get older, teach children to give their time to a cause and finally teach them to set aside a percentage of their income to give to charity.

By inculcating children on the importance of budgeting, charity, and money, we can further enhance their education to create the type of society that this world needs and deserves.


Movie Review: Desierto

“Desierto” is a horror/action movie starring my favorite Mexican actor, Gael Garcia Bernal. It also features Jeffrey Dean Morgan as antagonist/bad guy/monster. Garcia Bernal plays a man trying to get back to his son who is living in California. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a man embittered by conservative rhetoric on immigration who sees himself as the person protecting the US-Mexico border.

The movie features a small group of people crossing the border. The coyotes (slang name given to human traffickers) who are paid to transport these people have a problem with the vehicle. They force their people to walk through the desert (i.e. Desierto) and that is when the real horror begins.

The movie focuses on the action of Morgan hunting migrants. The anxiety of whether or not Garcia Bernal will die carries the movie quite well. Despite the lack of dialogue, the movie is quite good and extremely horrifying. The scariest part of the story is the mind of Morgan. The rhetoric that demonizes immigrants serves to infect the minds of people who listen to it. Overall, I recommend the movie.

Do you like horror movies featuring real life monsters (i.e. murderers) or invented monsters?

Are You An Entrepreneur?

There are people who believe that it would be luxurious to never have to work. They dream of spending days free of responsibilities.

Then there is a different type of person. They recognize that their key to happiness is not to be free from obligation. Instead, their happiness is derived from creation, nurturing, and growth. This is the person who wants to see a vision come to fruition.

This is the entrepreneur!

But beyond being the person who takes on the financial risks and legal responsibilities of starting and running a business, entrepreneurs are people who have a vision for a different future. But, bringing a vision to fruition can be taxing and time-consuming. It requires understanding several things about yourself and your business. If you want to become an entrepreneur, there are five things you need to consider.

Ideas Matter

An entrepreneur without ideas is not an entrepreneur. After all, before you can start a business, you must have an idea of the type of business you wish to have. If you are interested in being an entrepreneur but you are not clear on the type of business you want, use the following list to help you get started:

  • What am I good at? (To have a business, you must have a basis of understanding in the business, ergo, you must have some competence in the area of business.)
  • What do I enjoy doing? (It is not enough to be good at something, you have to enjoy doing it.)
  • How much time will I need to take this concept from idea to executable concept?
  • Who do I know in this field that can serve as a mentor? (Remember, questions are going to come up that you will need to ask someone.)

The idea you have does not have to be revolutionary. You can take a simple idea and turn it into a very successful business. But you have to start developing your idea.

Execution Matters

Entrepreneurship requires starting with a big concept and making it a reality. It means not stopping until you have achieved your desired outcome. Many people get overwhelmed by this. I know I did. At the end of 2020, my husband and I created a retail CBD and smoke shop. When we first got into the building we rented, I was overwhelmed. The space was previously leased by a head shop and the entire space was painted in black!

We renovated it using the colors white and lavender (Party Hat by Behr.) Have you ever tried to paint over black? It was not easy. It took significant time and money. We had no choice but to do the work, one paint stroke at a time. If we had failed at this critical point then we would have not gotten it off the ground. We would not have been able to open the doors on December 12th; so we hustled until the work was done and then celebrated with a grand opening party.

But, that was not the only challenge we encountered. From the moment we conceived the idea, it was a series of moments where execution was critical. Have the concept? Decide on a name for your business. Have a name? Secure the website. Have a website? Decide on marketing ideas.

It keeps going and going. The execution never stops.

Money Matters

A sad reality of entrepreneurship is that money does matter. The old adage that states that you “need money to make money” is an old adage for a reason. You will need to have some seed money to start the business you endeavor. Here are some places where money will need to be spent as you start your business:

  • Business formation (registering your business with your state, trademarking a logo, etc.);
  • Business marketing (purchasing a domain, doing your own website or hiring someone to do your website, preparing and creating signage, flyers, loyalty cards, etc.)
  • Business basics (leasing or buying a location, purchasing products, hiring employees, basic hardware, and point of sale software); and,
  • Business management (employee training, bookkeeping services, and general tax issues.)

There are a large number of places where you can spend money on your business. But, by determining what things you can and do enjoy doing, you may be able to save yourself some money.

Planning Matters

You will notice that in this article, planning comes after execution. But, this is the only time that it will. Planning is what helps you take your idea to full concept. Planning will help you ensure you have a roadmap for your idea’s success. It will help you create reasonable timelines and it will help you budget correctly. In fact, planning is the piece that ties all of the others together.

While it is true that not everyone is great at planning, there are some things that you can do to help you in the planning phase.

Time Matters

Of all of the things that you need as an entrepreneur, the most important is time. After all, you cannot start and grow a business unless you are willing to put time into your business. You must nurture your business every step of the way.

An important caveat, you should not be the only one working your business. For example, if your entrepreneurial concept is a restaurant, you cannot be chef, waiter, dishwasher, and front of house all at once.

If you try to be the jack of all trades, you will end up being the master of none. But, if you select one piece of the business that you can do exceptionally well and hire others to do the other things, you can success. For that reason, I recommend that you devote your time to the things that you a)enjoy and are good at, and b) will help you level up your business. The other things should be delegated.

What words of advice do you have for entrepreneurs?