Welcome to my site! Hello. I am Amada Acosta Addair. For a long time I have had a crazy dream. I have dreamt of being a published author.

Ever since I can remember, I have stayed awake way too late reading “just” one more chapter. I have lived a thousand lives through the stories. I have learned compassion and comprehended life lessons through the words of others. And, for many years, I have written. I have written short stories. I have created half-baked novels. I have jotted down small poems and composed essays. I have created all of this writing for the enjoyment of an audience of one. Me.

And, whether by fear or sheer laziness, I have resisted the urge to change my career path. Since 2017, I have pondered whether or not it makes sense to remain in my current field simply because I have already invested time (seven years of school total-undergraduate and law school) and money (did I mention law school???) into it. Like many of you, I have heard of the John Grishams (lawyers turned authors) of the world. Yet, I worried that my voice would not be well-received in the fiction market. I mean, who wants to read stories about Latinas trying to live their lives and change the world around them?

Then, I heard my inner voice rumbling from deep within. “YOU! You want to read stories about Latinas! You want to hear about women like yourself living their lives and trying to change the world around them.” I also realized something more important. These stories are necessary. It is these types of stories that will send out into the world the powerful mantras that have helped me become me:

1- Black, Brown or White: we are all the same;


2- Neither princess nor prostitute, simply woman.

These are the mantras that I want to help spread in the world.

Over the last four months, I have begun to develop a plan for becoming a published author by 2020. First, I will be publishing on this website non-fiction essays through my blog, Amada’s Guide to Money, Men, & Mama. Next, I have begun to send short stories to literary journals. I will keep you posted on these efforts via my Facebook page. I will also share short stories here. I hope you will read and see yourself in them.

Finally, I will be working towards my author endeavor- publish a novel in 2020. I hope you will follow my journey. And, I hope you will share your journey with me.

Thank you and welcome to my world.

Con Cariño, Amada.