Welcome to my newest endeavor… this blog. My goal of communicating with Latinas and other Women of Color, like you, has led me to its creation. I wanted to share the tools that I use to live my best life. And, I hope you will share with me the tools that you use.

I will discuss all topics on this blog. But, it will have three main topics. Topic one: Money. Think career, finance, & money management advice and discussion. Topic two: Men. Check out posts on this topic for discussion about marriage, sex, and romantic relationships. And, the final and most important topic: Mama. This topic will cover all aspects of family life like relating to your mama and being a mama. Roles we navigate in our day to day.

My goal is to publish four blogs per month. They will be published every Friday morning. Week one will focus on Money, week two will focus on Men, and week three will focus on Mama. For the fourth and (sometimes) fifth weeks in the month, I will have special feature blog posts that include the following subjects:

  • MAD About Desserts (A special blog and recipe information from my pastry-baking, dessert-loving friend, Marta Alfonso Durruty);
  • American ME (discussions on how we connect to heritage, patriotism, living in the US, etc);
  • Fiction Faves (Book reviews about books being marketed to Women of Color);
  • The Future is Female (Q&A information with women who are achieving success on their terms); and,
  • Loving the Land (posts about my travels.)

If you are looking for a little motivation to help you during the week, come by on Mondays. I will feature on my blog something I like to call Motivational Mantras. These are little sayings and thoughts that I use to keep my self smiling and motivated. I hope that they will be of use to you.

Thank you for checking out my first post. Come back on January 1 of next year to see all the wonderful things that I want to share with you. I look forward to getting to know you and letting you get to know me.

For more information about my work, check out my Facebook page, Amada Acosta Addair.

Con cariño,


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