Investing in Yourself

Every year, I try to contemplate different ways that I can improve my life through personal investment.

Invest money

In 2018, I hired a personal trainer. I committed to a two session per week schedule. This was an unexpected move. Like many women, I have a tendency to put other people, other responsibilities above myself.

Nonetheless, I began attending my twice per week appointments. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I would dropp off my stepson at school and then proceed to my sessions.

From 2018, to March 2020, I saw changes in my body that made me feel more confident and self satisfied. I saw a decline in the nervous energy that coursed through my body on a daily basis. It felt good to see an increase in muscle mass.


From mid-March to August, I severely limited the amount of time I spent in public spaces. And I much of my work undone.

But, the time to make a change is always today. Right? So with that in mind, I ask myself each and every day, what can I do today to improve my health? What can I do right now to improve my health? I try to ask myself these questions particularly when I am about to eat something or if I am sitting around watching television.

Invest time

In the early 2000s knitting and crocheting was all of the rage among celebrities and mid-American trend followers. I flocked to this trend and ultimately created two scarves. My friends Joshanna and Amy were the recipients of these gifts.

At some point during the spring stay at home orders, I found a bag that contained knitting needles, books, and wool. I have set a timeline for myself so that I can try to turn the products I now have in to some special items.

What are some of the ways that you invest in yourself?

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