power of the pocketbook

I believe that one should use their resources, when they can, for good.

I am not someone who loves to shop. But, I will shop for good. I will buy items from friends who are in direct sales. I will stop at a roadside stand to support a local business person. I shop the small businesses in my town whenever I can. And… I am the person who will not go to a place if that business does not align with my belief system.

Case in point…

For years, I have avoided places like Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A because I do not like the causes that they support. I do not hate on them. But, I will never volunteer to go to these places. In fact, if others suggest I will politely decline. I simply say, “I do not patronize that business.” I do not make a big showing of it.

In 2020, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Trump administration regulation that allows businesses to opt out of providing their employees (through health insurance) free birth control. Businesses are permitted to do this if they have “religious and moral objections.”

Prior to that administration’s regulation update, an Obamacare mandate required company health insurance policies to cover birth control. As a result, millions of Americans have had access to free contraceptives. Unfortunately, thanks to this SCOTUS decision, those same people will now incur out of pocket costs for their contraceptive care.

Sexism in sexual enjoyment.

Here’s the problem that I have… viagra and other erectile dysfunction medicines are covered by health insurance companies. Why? Where is the equality?

So what are we to do? Well, I ask each of you to recognize the incredible power of your pocketbook.

Of course, corporations don’t care about our opinions. But they do care about money. They care about you spending your money on their shit. So, stop pending money with corporations who do not support their employees. This year, I will be focusing on encouraging on friends, family, and fans (do I have any fans 🤔🧐?) to use their #Pocketbook #Power by #boycotting companies that do not provide this essential benefit to their employees.

State Action

In 2021 and 2022, this US Supreme Court, now tainted with THREE Trump appointees are allowing States to get in on the action of impeding women’s autonomy. Texas an southern states are limiting women’s right to obtain abortions. These are the same states that think it is perfectly acceptable for people to choose a vaccine that can help save lives!

A way for us to impact these states on s to avoid traveling to them. It also helps to ask organizations to whom we belong to avoid scheduling conventions or programs there.

More importantly, write to the leadership of that state and tell them that you will not travel to those states due to their unfair laws. Remember States benefit from the tax revenue that is generated when you travel and use hotels and spend money there.

For those of us already living in such states we can do a variety of things. We should reach out to our State government officials and ask them to vote against such initiatives. If you have the financial capacity, donate resources to organizations who are working against such initiatives.

How do you use the power of your pocketbook?

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