Book Review: Music to My Years

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Recently, I finished the book Music to My Years by Cristela Alonzo. I loved it and I love her.

Cristela Alonzo is basically the same girl that I was in high school. Like her, I was a smart, sassy young girl. I was completely into drama and forensics (competitive acting and prose reading.) Okay, so I was not as talented as Cristela as she won numerous awards in her high school career. But, I definitely feel her as a kindred spirit.

The book is a memoir that cleverly uses songs and song titles for each chapter. The chapters then go on to detail important moments and people in Cristela’s life. I laughed and cried, sometimes in the same paragraph. The book was a very quick read and can be finished in a weekend.

If you are looking for a great story, read this book. If you are looking for insight into the life of first generation Americans, read this book. If you are looking for inspiration, read this book. Just do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK!