I am Amada Acosta Addair, a Latina attorney, blogger, entrepreneur, and writer living in Manhattan, KS.

For many years, I have written. I have written short stories. I have developed half-baked novels. I have jotted down small poems and composed essays. I have created all of this writing for the enjoyment of an audience of one. Me. I now choose to share my writings. My thoughts. It’s not too hard to believe. After all, I am a life long reader and lover of words. And, my profession has provided me with a strong writing background.

Of course, we have all heard of “lawyers turned authors” and I recognize that it was possible. Yet, for a long time, I worried that my voice would not be well-received in the fiction market. I mean, who wants to read stories about Latinas trying to live their lives and change the world around them?

Then, I heard a rumbling voice.


I looked around to see who had grumbled at me.

“You want to read stories about Latinas! You want to hear about women like yourself living their lives and trying to change the world around them.” 

The voice took me by surprise. It was my voice.

So, I began to develop my blog. Over the course of my year, I have developed a blog that I entitled,


Check it out. I focus on lifestyle essays that range from cooking, entrepreneurship, leadership, lifestyle, love, marriage, and step-parenting. This blog represents the culmination of the consejos, counseling, and considerations that I have gathered over the course of my lifetime. My blog is representative of my upbringing and education. It is peppered with stories from my youth in SW Kansas. It shares my thoughts and viewpoints as a Latina and Mexicana.

Take a look at other pages on my website. They bring together my creative work. I included a photo gallery featuring photos of the things that most inspire me. Be on the look out (BOLO) for my Fiction corner. It will include a few of my short stories. In time, I hope to share my longer pieces with you as well. After all, I intend to publish novels.

And, if you are interested in collaborating, let me know. I can be found in social media. I look forward to connecting with you. Thank you and welcome to my world.

Con Cariño,