Creating a great Philly steak sandwich

Cooking good meals for my family is important to me. One of the go to meals that I like to make at home is the Philly steak sandwich.

It is a fairly simple sandwich. Finely chopped beef (Kroger produces an already chopped product that I love), onions, peppers, provolone cheese, and a good hoagie style bread. I like to add some seasoning to my meat. If you have it available, a jalapeño salt is a good seasoning. If not, mix salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, and chili pepper flakes to your meat to enhance the flavors.

I like to begin with a hot griddle. I cook the peppers and onions in some olive oil. When they have begun to soften, I add the meat to my hot griddle where it can begin to take on some of the flavoring of the onions and peppers.

When the meat is cooked to my liking, I begin to warm the bread on the same griddle. Then, I add a few slices of provolone on top of the meat. This helps the provolone melt nicely. Finally, I lay the bread open on top of the provolone and use a large spatula in one hand and my hand to turn the sandwich right side up.

Did you try to make my Philly sandwich? How did you change the recipe to make it your own?

The feel of fideo and the comfort of food

Growing up in my household, the foods of my native Mexico were our daily staples. Unfortunately, my mother is not a recipe and measurements type of cook. This means, that when I ask for recipes I do not always get a straight answer. But, nothing gives me greater comfort than the foods of my mother. Comfort foods have a way of making us feel as though the world will be alright. For that reason, I have sought the foods that made me feel good in my youth.

Recently, I have been enjoying fideo with beans quite a bit. For the fideo pasta, I like to use the thinner fideo that La Estrella offers. The ingredients you will need are:

La Estrella Fideo

¼ cup of diced onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 can of tomato sauce (can also use two blended tomatoes)

1 can of chicken broth

1 Knorr Suiza boullion cube

I start by getting olive oil hot on a medium heat before adding the fideo noodles. I cook the noodles (one packet) until they are a light golden color. I add finely chopped onion and garlic cloves to the noodles. Once the onions are cooked, I add 1 can of chicken broth and a can of tomato sauce to the pan. For seasoning, you can try to make your own blend of salt, onion powder, etc. On the other hand, you can use one Knorr bullion cube. This is, for me, what gives it the taste that I remember from youth. I reduce the heat on the pan to low. Then, I make sure that I put a lid on the pan and allow it to simmer nicely.

Fideo simmers in chicken broth and tomato sauce.

I really enjoy adding whole pinto beans to a bowl along with a couple ladle fulls of this pasta. This meal is best used to fulfill my childhood nostalgia.